Saturday, 24 October 2015

Its a surprise!

New game by Worthington in the works

Worthington have a lot of current development and production activity but none of it is up my street. However, here is a sneak preview.....

I can't see this happening for a while, certainly not this year but something to look forward to.


Norm said...

I really liked the first game in the series (east front), but the second release (Korea) has left me less enthusiastic as to whether each game will be as successful as the first. I think I will await reviews before making this one a sure buy.

Today is the Leeds Fiasco Show, but my back is ragging - so do I go? yes? no? yes? no? yes? no? ... it is 5 AM right now (been up since 4), so I have a few hours to talk myself in or out of it :-)

Old Trousers said...

Hi Norm,

Yes, I didn't go for the Korea game but North Africa might suit the system nicely.
Whatever you decide on Fiasco, you may regret it afterwards so you might as well go and see what's happening. I think it always helps to get out and about, at least it does with my back.

By the way, I looked up the Vallejo primer and I will be ordering some. I've been meaning to ask you what sort of varnish you use. My GW varnish cans have gone the same way as my FoW Khaki so I'm not sure what to get. I do like a shiny finish tho!