Sunday, 25 October 2015

Here come the wooden tops....

and not the Met Police Annual Parade!

I have come across something really interesting, MDF troops in 6mm. They are available from Commission Figurines. Basically, its £2 for 96 infantry or 36 cavalry or £1.50 for four guns with limbers and crew.

The major exponent of these guys is Robert De Angelis who is using them for Blucher. Check out his blog and also these pictures of Bavarians from 1809.

I think this is just brilliant and I'm going to buy some, lots actually!


MSFoy said...

Good grief - I'd heard of these MDF figures, but (stupidly) hadn't realised they were actually made of MDF!

They do look impressive - whatever next?

Old Trousers said...

They are really cool. I downloaded the photos and looked at them in close up. Real wooden toy soldiers but en masse very convincing. As I'm not really a painter I'm pondering whether they are simpler to paint than rounds.


Robert De Angelis said...

Glad you enjoyed them Jay. The product line really is worth supporting. They are better than folks suspect and very economical.

Bob De Angelis

PS thanks for the blog mention

Old Trousers said...

No problem Bob, your blog is great as are the wooden tops! I hope I can do them justice when I get hold of them.