Monday, 1 June 2020

Indoors update 3

These guys may be Cubans as well! To give the game away slightly, I'm working up a generic Opfor for 1950 through, probably, to 2000. I'm really happy with progress but I'm a slow painter, so pictures next time.

In this week's news.......

Yaah Magazine 8 with Race to the Sea by Herman Luttman. Get it for free here.

Remember Fistful of Lead? Well, its bigger brother is now here. Well worth £5.66!

During the Covid period I have bought virtually no hobby stuff. One of the things I did invest in was the Fistful of Lead Core Rule book, again, just over a fiver. Excellent value for money. A simple system with plenty of scope for hacking, lists for anything from Ancient Greece through to today and all in 56 pages. Nice.

The other thing I invested in was PSC's Northag. For £20 you get a hundred pages covering what appears to be a very simple system. I'm reserving judgement but my concern is around blue text on blue coloured pages. At my age I'm finding it difficult to read stuff and if they make it really difficult I won't bother. Having said that, I'll give it a cooler look in a few day's time.


Duc de Gobin said...

I got fistful of lead too - looked great for star wars or colonial style things I thought.
I agree on Northag - it's hard to read, but looks like something good under the hood.
(are the mock file binder holes on the wrong side of the page do you think?)

Old Trousers said...

Hi Duc,

Great minds think alike!

I didn't want to mention the file holes. Irritatingly on the wrong side but not half as bad as the visual problem. I'll persevere and see how it plays.



Jim Jackaman said...

Love Fistful of Lead..a brilliant system and great for the kids.

Chris Kemp said...

Bob Cordery ran a post on OPFOR uniforms and markings some time ago (AGGRESSOR) here:

Hope this is useful.


Old Trousers said...

Hi Jim,

Yes, looking forward to chucking some lead about!

Hi Chris,

Good spot on Bob's article, I had forgotten they were previously called Aggressor rather than OPFOR. I'm very caught up in the NTC stuff and would love to do some VISMOD M113s.