Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Indoors update 2

I'll come back to this later but these guys may be Cubans.....

Although I find myself in the garden quite a bit recently, there is always indoors stuff to do. Some of my indoors time has, I like to think, been wisely invested in some of my favourite blogs.

Not in any particular order, we have:

Alex and Grant of TPA pondering Nevsky
The Payer's Aid  This is a must view site for anyone interested in board wargames of any sort. Alex and Grant have a prolific output of reviews and unboxings. They are well informed, engaging and a pleasure to watch. Also, plenty of back catalogue if you need an excuse to do some serious research.

Othais says howdy!
C&Rsenal As a wargamer I have a passing interest in weapons. I also have a well developed fear of firearms but do enjoy the history and mechanics. This channel is presented by  a nice chap called Othais. This guy is a real expert, he knows his stuff and his videos roll along at a fast rate of knots. Excellent mechanicals as well as some live shooting. I love the sound of a Lewis gun in the morning, it sounds like victory! I really can't recommend this more highly.

Tigers at Minsk - West front scenario
Battlefields and Warriors  Norm's blog covers a lot of ground, from AARs of cool games (such as the Hexasim games on Ligny and Quatre Bras), to small scale figure battles and, of course, Norm's own rules such as TaM. I have some real favourites such as Norm's excellent comparative reviews of tactical systems. Norm's posts are well written and comprehensive and well worth sitting down with a beer to read.

North Africa scenario
Grid based but not always Peter's blog continues to impress me. He is currently running a WW2 North Africa campaign using his own version of Tank on Tank rules and some excellent campaign rules. 

FOO Afghanistan
The Company Leader: Leadership Lessons from the Tactical Level of War. A serious blog feeding back a lot of real life military learning from the various US training centres. Highly recommended, especially for their Tactical Decision Games (TDGs). Some of the articles are well worth wargamers taking notice of, in particular, sustainment of advancing forces and maintaining vehicles in a combat environment. 

BTW the picture of Cuban soldiers not enjoying their morning run is a clue to one of my side projects......a little painting exercise.


Norm said...

Hi Jay, thanks for the shout.

Old Trousers said...

No problem Norm, keep up the good work!


Peter said...

Thanks for the mention and for the suggested blogs.

Maudlin Jack Tar said...

All interesting stuff - Norm does review a lot of games, and Peter's Maps and scenery are in inspiration.