Friday, 20 March 2020

No exit strategy? Check out free stuff!

Well, OK, this bit is not yet ready but will be soon and will also be free! First scenario draft map for Brutal Simplicity 1940. Possibly "Not like a Stonne-Wall!". Based on OHW 18 but is being modified somewhat.

The real free stuff below illustrates that there is no such thing as a wargames industry, just wargamers who like wargames and are happy to give stuff away to cheer people up. The evidence is as follows:

1. Free C3i mag (#25) including Battle for Moscow game by Frank Chadwick! If you don't have this it is well worth it.

2. Free Yaah! mag (#8) including Race to the Sea 1914 game. Announced by Flying Pig but not as yet available from Wargames Vault.

3. Free Nordic Weasel game: Five Men at Kursk, be quick it ends today (US time). Nice game!!

4. Free Instant Thunder: An air game which looks like a simpler version of Wing Leader! The virtues of this game have been extolled by Kaptain Kobbold so look out for it here.

If the pressures of the day are causing stress and consternation, take some pleasure if you can from the following:

Bob Cordery has published this picture (and others) of his Portable Wargame as implemented by other people. This is a brilliant 54mm adaptation by Mike Lewis. Lovely, reminds me of Clive Lane's 20mm hex grid game.

Peter has started a new North Africa campaign which looks fantastic!

Disgruntled Fusilier is busy adapting Neil Thomas' Introduction to Wargaming WWII rules in an interesting manner.

And finally, PSC's Battlegroup Northag has hit the glossies this month so expect more action shortly (it was due to be released at Salute but this is now postponed so at some stage soon).

None of this makes up for Boris telling us that our loved ones are going to die but you have to take comfort where you can. Good luck to all!


Duc de Gobin said...

Some great advice and links there. Stay safe sir.

Norm said...

Good listing - Battle for Moscow is a lovely game.

Disgruntled Fusilier said...

Thank you for the shout out, Old Trousers! Looking forward to trying Brutal Simplicity!

Disgruntled Fusilier said...
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Peter said...

Look forward to seeing your scenario and the map looks fantastic, very professional..

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thank you for the links much appreciated

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

PS Link 2 seems to be the same as Link 1