Saturday, 9 September 2017

GZ: Snipers...

filling in the gaps!

I'm starting to make progress with filling in some of the gaps in the current version of the rules. Next up is the sniper section. I'll update the rules page shortly.

As an aside, I'm pleased that the game I have been working on as developer for Tiny Battles (Operation Icarus) has now been released. A really nice game that produces great narrative. Well worth a look! As my first developer gig this was pretty tough and a real learning curve. No wonder my 6 x 6 challenge is behind schedule!


Duc de Gobin said...

Good stuff. Will be useful to see this.

I've been debating actually whether certain levels of specfor troops can work in smaller groups than a fireteam - and act almost like sniper/spotter 2 figures to a hex.

This could result in very small forces, taking on much larger attacking groups for instance, or units being able to 'call for' sniper support in a similar manner to air support.

Could be useful for Somalia style scenarios (I'm trying not to consider a modern version of the 'Magnificent Seven')

Old Trousers said...

Hi Duc,

Just posted the current version with sniper rules. Yet to be fully tested. The way I intend to play this is with 2 figure sniper teams. I'm trying to differentiate them from JTACs because I want to separate out the capabilities. I know sniper teams, especially USMC scout snipers, have multiple capabilities but I want to force players to make difficult decisions.