Saturday, 2 September 2017

GZ: Coalition forces....

half way there!

One of the nice things about GZ is that you need very few forces to have a good game. I'm looking at around 8 units per side plus a leader. Each unit is one fire team, one specialist team (HMG, ATGW, JTAC etc) or one vehicle. Above is one leader, one HMG team (ok its cheating, there are two M60 gunners which will do in my book), and one vehicle.

Here are two fire teams (working from the bottom up), HMG team, Leader, vehicle, and, lastly, an ATGW team. 

The troops are Esci US troops (a bit Cold War but they will do for me), the HMMWV is Matchbox and the rest is paper and Fab Foam.

For Coalition forces you probably just need one box of modern US infantry (Caesar make several) and for the OPFOR, one box of militia (again Caesar make two types).  

I have nearly finished painting up my US infantry and have undercoated the bad guys. I have also stocked up on Matchbox style HMMWVs including UN and Police vehicles. In the wings I have 3 M113s (Airfix) and a Revell Abrams (which was on sale for £2.99). I'm also working on an Mi-24 (1/144) to be my generic close air support.

I'm using 3D card buildings from Junior General as well as their trees and elephant grass!

Next step will be to play test through a series of training scenarios which I will post about here. I'm really pleased, this is quite exciting!


Duc de Gobin said...

I'm looking at doing a Vietnam scenario first. There is a book on the air cav aeroscouts called 'Headhunters' by Matt Brennan - so a platoon with a loach, maybe a cobra doing Bomb Damage Assessments or suchlike. Working stuff out now.,

Norm said...

Jay, no idea where my comment went to for your last post.

I can't remember all that I wrote, but did ask whether the spotting rules or line of sight rules (can't remember which), would want to take account of thermal imaging or night sight.

Old Trousers said...

Hi Norm,

You kindly commented on the GZ page (, I'm having a think about thermal sights and night vision. Did you know that thermal sights can't see through glass windows?



Old Trousers said...

Hi Duc,

Good idea on the Vietnam scenario. I have just read Platoon Leader by James R McDonough. A book as brilliant as 18 Platoon. SE Asian jungles and middle eastern towns present very similar challenges at platoon level. I look forward to hearing how your game goes.



Duc de Gobin said...

HI Jay
A small playtest up on the blog. Will do more - I like these rules.