Sunday, 23 July 2017

Ground Zero.......

work in progress!

I suppose it says something if I have gone to the trouble of designing a logo for this game. My enforced absence from blogging and game related activities has spurred my enthusiasm.  

As usual, I blame Norm and Peter for ideas which have lurked for many months. This game represents, at long last, my attempt to model squad level modern combat in a simple way and in a way that I actually want to play.

I even have a blurb (of sorts!):

A nameless small town somewhere in the war zone. This game is played on a six by nine hex grid, there is no scale but each hex represents an area sufficient for the footprint of a small house, back yard or street.

There is no timeframe other than that each battle is concluded in a day. Each turn may represent anything from a few minutes of violent combat to several hours of desultory gunfire. Units are activated by random card draw and unit actions are dice driven. 
The troop types reflect what you see on You Tube videos, small groups of men, of varying commitment and training, largely fighting in built up areas. Weapons are light small arms with heavier weapons in support, with the ever present HMMWVs and improvised armoured vehicles. 
Scenarios reflect the reality of modern combat, often mundane tasks fraught with risk and unexpected dangers.

Nuff said at this stage but progress has been excellent. This time I will blog test games to show the mechanics in development.


Peter said...

A very sleek looking logo, and I look forward to seeing more on your latest project.

Norm said...

Watching :-)

Duc de Gobin said...

Looks VERY interesting.
Suddenly, I'm thinking Vietnam in Hue, Hamburg 1985 (WWIII) and never fighting a land war in Asia...

Ivan Sorensen said...

Very cool. Definitely eager to see what comes out of this :)

Steven Whitesell said...

This looks wonderful. Im thinking it would make a great engine for Twilight 2000 fights.

Old Trousers said...

Thank you everyone for the interest and encouragement. You'll see from my next post that I am following up with this and have high hopes! I'll be looking for helpers with play testing (that's a hint!).