Friday, 5 August 2016

New Syrian Army....

first Desert Eagle faction!

It has been really busy recently with work and summer child care activities. In my spare time (having fixed the fence, the washing line, front door etc etc), I have been pottering with Desert Eagle. 

NSA troops May 2016
Following my last post, I figured that I needed to work out troop types and special rules using some real world examples. I'm not sure why I started with the New Syrian Army (NSA), possibly because they are current news, also perhaps because they are small and self-contained as well as being quite a good model for other factions. I have had a go at an initial army list for the NSA, you can find it here

I have to report something very strange. I'm 58 this year and have been studying this sort of thing for what feels like forever. I used to read Rand reports on the Vietnam war when I was a teenager. Researching the NSA brought everything back and I suddenly realised it's like 1968 all over again. Or is that 1975 and the CIA intervention in Angola? Currently I'm overcome by a very weird feeling of deja vu all over again. Bay of Pigs anyone? If Donald Trump wins how long before he gets assassinated?

Anyway, I've gone over the top on the army list, I found myself becoming more and more interested in the subject and what happened in the NSA's recent unsuccessful battle. I think there is a fundamental problem trying to design something that is currently happening in real life, its quite difficult because all the parts are moving. Nevertheless, a start has been made so lets see what happens!

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Norm said...

The world does feel like it is entering a phase that seems more volatile, even dangerous, than the 'relative' calm of recent years.