Thursday, 11 August 2016

Desert Eagle 1........

Indefensible object scenario

This scenario is based on Scenario B of Lion Rampant, Defending the Indefensible. In this scenario, ISIS have placed four NSA prisoners from the al-Bakamal attack under guard at a location near to the Iraqi border. These prisoners will shortly be moved into Iraq. ISIS have set a defensive perimeter assuming any attack will come from Syria. 

NSA plan to attack the ISIS position to retrieve their men and demonstrate they are not a busted flush. The Jordanians have provided a team from their Special Forces (Counter Terrorism Battalion 71) to assist. Aided by satellite navigation and communications plus drone data and SIGINT, the NSA force is able to approach the target area from an unexpected direction (Iraq).


1 Special Forces Team (Jordanian), including leader, armed with LAWs @ 6 points plus Thuraya at +1 point = 7

2 NSA Squads (also with LAWs) @3 points = 6

1 Toyota (Team Transport) @ 2 points = 2

2 Trucks (Squad Transport) @ 3points = 6

1 Toyota Technical (M2 HMG) @ 3 points = 3

Total 24 points

The Thuraya is a sat phone, possibly a "summoner" type characteristic (or maybe just for phoning the chopper to airlift the rescued prisoners).


1 Special Forces Team (Local), including Emir, armed with RPGs @ 6 points = 6

3 Army of Adversity squads @ 4 points = 12

1 Sniper Team @ 3 points = 3

1 Dushka (HMG) Team @ 3 points = 3

Total 24 points

Don't take any of the above for granted, I'm just playing with the points values for now!

Victory conditions 

I'm still thinking about these. In the Middle East great store is set by ghanima, the spoils of war. This is demonstrated by the counting, filming and Facebooking of captured weapons, vehicles and people. Ghanima must be a big factor. As this is also an information war, we need to address "glory" and "boasts". 

My other issue is improvising enough stuff to be able to give it a go. Fingers crossed!

I'm in the process of updating my NSA army list as more information comes to light. The situation is extremely dynamic and clearly shows that something is going on driven by the big players (US and Russia). I'll put the updated version out tomorrow. 

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