Sunday, 5 June 2016

Song of...

with extra theme!

My one page rule adaptation "Song of...Bullets and Bombs" has got slightly out of hand. It started off as three bullet points on a post-it and now its nine pages long.

6pdr in Normandy
The Bullets and Bombs page now has v2 of the adaptation. I have spent some time trying to theme the units to be used in the game, this has been really interesting. What I wanted to do was to make it easier to use the scenarios to describe a narrative. That is, after all, what we seek to create in a game, a great story to tell afterwards! Although this sounds bit FoW or Bolt Action, I think it also makes things more “realistic”.

I’m using these rules to play some British/German scenarios in Normandy in the period June/July 1944. So let’s look at what a German 6 unit force from One-Hour Wargames might look like if we model it on a real life prototype like a static division such as the 716th. Please excuse the artistic licence!

First you roll on the OHW table to get your unit types. I'm substituting HMG units for Mortars (for various reasons) in this particular adaptation. Once you know how many you have of each, you roll for each unit to see what it is and what characteristics it has. 

Cool. There are six German themed units and five British/Canadian. I think these deserve a good play testing so I have dusted off some PSC German Grenadiers and will get some painting done this week among the usual chores. It is quite exciting!


Norm said...

Jay, I like the rules and it sounds like you are on a roll.

one of the problems that I have with the One Hour Wargame rules of WWII is that the anti-tank gun is too mobile and can be used in an assault style of play ......... In fact it seem to behave rather like an assault gun!

For my own conversion I was thinking of them not moving at all (probably a bit harsh) or at least making them spend a turn to limber or unlimber.

Duc de Gobin said...

These look really interesting.

I like the 'Song of' rules and am looking for a good hex adaptation of squad leader style rules. Will get a try of these.

Jonathan Freitag said...

I await results and play-by-play of your trial game. Looks interesting to me too!

Old Trousers said...

Hi everyone, Thanks for your comments, they are very encouraging. I'm afraid that Norm is spot on regarding the AT gun issue. I'll look for a fix, which I hope should be straightforward. Let me know what you think if you try them. I'm busy trying to paint very small soldiers. I haven't done 15mm since I was a teenager so its proving a bit tricky!