Sunday, 15 November 2015

Somewhere in Africa again....

Things are a foot!

Given the events this weekend I am not feeling cheery and to a large extent feel morally compromised by my current project. I nearly decided not to post this and leave it for another day. The problem with leaving what people refer to as a decent interval is that it implies that if you give it long enough everyone forgets. I'm not comfortable with that as a response.

My response is to carry on with my project but in a responsible and informed manner. I recommend the Institute for the Study of War as a good place to start. 

I have been working on updating some cheap toys that my children no longer play with. The fact they are HMMWVs and pretty much 1/72 scale is great. Here we have one in US desert livery and two in the unique Gonzonia Defence Forces (GSF) tiger camouflage. I'm sure I have seen that somewhere before but can't quite place it.

I'll be using these with FiveCore Company Command rules, converted to hexes of course! That is next on my list.


Norm said...

Thoughtful post. What size hexes are you using in the Photo's. I am guessing that you are larger than 4" from flat to flat if hose vehicles are 1/72.

I am considering some 28mm stuff on hexes, but feel my current hex size is a tad restraining.

Old Trousers said...

Hi Norm, Yes, these are 5 inches side to side. They are made out of Fab Foam which is easy to cut and draw on. It also takes paint and can be glued so an all round nice piece of kit. The real reason why I went with five inches is that a unit of four bases each 40mm wide takes up 120mm deployed in line, just short of five inches. This is to allow me to play the original Neil Thomas rules at 20mm with three models per base or 12 for the unit. For 5Core I reckon that they will take one vehicle, one squad and a couple of specialists in reasonable comfort. This will let me play 5Core on hexes!