Saturday, 21 November 2015

More cool than something really cool....

Airfix battles!

I came across this by accident. 

Due out next year, this is a card focused game of tactical combat using counters on a square board. Alternatively use your Airfix soldiers and tanks. A "Collectors rule book" converts the rules to a full able top wargame. Check it out here

The publisher, Modiphius, looks like a serious player. As this game set covers US paras and Germans in Normandy, this almost looks like a combination of M44, Operation Squad and Heroes of Normandie. I don't know the price point but it looks very tempting.


Norm said...

It does look good - great to see a wargame product on the high street, hopefully it will ensnare some new blood, just like Airfix did for so many all those years ago.

I will be looking closely at this, even if it is just for the cards.

Duc de Gobin said...

So cool that I put a post on own blog :)

Of course, if they hadn't had their 'issues' and done this 40 years ago, they could have supplanted GW, been the importer of D&D and hex'n'xhit wargames, and we would never have had Warhammer.

The Airfix Blitzkrieg would have taken over the world, with stores opening across the globe and defining military history for a generation (eventually making 'simpler' kits of course)...and 'Space Marine' would still be but a little used term in the odd sci fi novel *sigh*

Ahhhh, I can but dream.

Old Trousers said...

I agree entirely with your thoughts chaps. I only wish this was going to be by Xmas!