Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Welcome to 2015!

Whats on the wishlist for the new year?

Well I have done my project update for the new year so this is a list of the things I either have on my wish list for the year already or things that I am currently pondering. Time, funds and family duties will ravage this list as they always do. However, as each year goes by, I find myself with more and more things to look at, play and buy. Compared to even ten years ago (let alone 40) this is truly a golden age for wargamers and long may it continue.


All sorts of rules, old and new, on the menu for the year:

Sample Blucher piece

  • Blucher: A Napoleonic Campaign and Battle game by Sam Mustafa. This is really interesting not least because it appears to be based on a very simple game engine, where units are brigades, and it can be played using cards instead of miniatures. Indeed, there will be a card pack for the 100 Days.
  • Crossfire: Reprinted and therefore back on my list.
  • Bloody Big Battles: Chris Pringle's latest set of rules with scenarios for European 19C battles. He was the author of TAC and Warring Empires, the latter spawned the Principles of War series (which was never as good as the original!). Looks good, from Caliver Books at £18.50 for the rules (including some scenarios) and the same again for a scenario book.
  • Polemos: Yes, must get round to these, ECW and Great Northern War, although the latter is out of print.
  • Hordes of the Future (HOF): I've mentioned this before. Played on a square grid (which takes my fancy) and has some nice miniatures to go with it.
  • Chain of Command: Having encountered Bolt Action with its very primitive game engine, I am more inclined to run with ChoC, especially now is has such well developed scenario support, including the pint sized D-Day campaign.
  • PBI III: Not sure about this at all. I have I and II. I like the grid and think that some of the rules give a most realistic impression of modern warfare. I don't like the pre-game or the buckets of dice approach. Sometimes I think I just need to go back to the original AK47 which, happily enough, Mr Pig is selling as a PDF.

I'm looking forward to all of these greatly:

Fields of Battle Volume 1
  • Holdfast: I got Holdfast Russia 1941-42 for Christmas and am looking forward to playing it once I can get some table space. I understand the next Holdfast episode is Korea so I think I'll be saving myself for the Bulge when it arrives, hopefully in 2015.
  • Fields of Battle: Eight battles of the Great Northern War by Steve Kling from the Historical Game Co. I hear this is nearly ready for release. I'm really quite excited!
  • Stalingrad solitaire: Another one by Steve Kling and I can't wait for this. One of my favourite subjects. Supposedly due out after the Great Northern War game.
  • Espania 20: Just out from Victory Point Games. The latest in their series of small Napoleonic games, this one covering Bailen and Salamanca and looking very nice. VPG are a little pricey so I might have to put this one on the back burner ($44.99 and no mounted map). 
  • Tannenberg 1914 and Masuria 1915: Two folio games by Decision on one of my favourite areas of WW1. I have been lucky enough to get some good deals on folio games in the past so will be looking out for these two.
  • Heroes of Normandy: I got this last year and I haven't really got into it yet but may decide to invest in 21 PD counters and the recently released Commonwealth troops box before they go out of print (which is inevitable).
Stuff to explore

There is a lot of interesting stuff around that bears further exploration, so not recommendations at this stage:

Berserker Games: Operation D-Day

  • Solitaire PnP games: I have just come across a large range of solitaire games by Berserker, new publisher to me. Everything from colonials to sci-fi. They look interesting and I may just try one out (Manchuria, D-Day or Viet Nam?).
  • Billy Bones: Billy makes paper soldiers of the ECW and ACW. What is tempting me is the set of soldiers for Montrose and Covenanters ($7.50 from Wargames Vault). This contains all I will ever need to fight Montrose's battles in Scotland.
  • Five Core Company Command (PnP rules): From Nordic Weasel, the producers of the popular Five Core skirmish rules, these use up to twelve squads/vehicles a side. I'd like to see an AAR of these.
  • No end in sight: Another Nordic Weasel, this time at a lower level covering squad level tactics for any time post-WWII. The reviews look good and note a similarity of effect to Crossfire.
  • Corner of a Foreign Field: Morningstar's dirt cheap two page modern skirmish rules. 
  • 2 by 2: This looks like a little gem. This uses 2mm troops on a 2 foot square table to play quite large battles. And its free.
Things to play

My list of things to get out of the cupboard and play. Actually its not even that far, these games sit on a shelf within arms reach!

Back of the box
  • Manoeuvre: A great little Napoleonic game that I want to use to get my kids into some proper games (i.e. that aren't electronic!).
  • Remagen, Faiaise, St Lo and 1914: Opening Moves: All small Minden Games awaiting a spin.
  • Day of Infamy (Pearl Harbour), An Loc, Fighting Eagles (WW1), Death before Dishonour (Santiago 1898) and Clash of Lions (Sinai 1967): All small games from High Flying Dice that also need some exercise.
  • D'Overlord a Berlin: A Vae Victis area movement game covering 1944 to 1945 in Europe.
  • Four Roads to Moscow: The ATO 2010 annual including games by Mike Rinella, Ted Raicer and Roger Nord. All folio sized games on the Barbarossa campaign.
Phew! My wish for the year is that things go well and everyone has a safe and rewarding year. May the force be with you and may we all get some time for hobby stuff!


MSFoy said...

There's a lot of good reading in your list - thanks for that - I'll have a closer squint later. I am particularly interested in Mustafa's "Blücher" - I'll check out the link, but I know that Blücher was the name given to the planned Grand Tactical cousin of Lasalle in Mustafa's Honour series. I was very excited about this, and took it all very personally when they quietly scrapped the project and did Maurice instead.

So (I ask myself, aloud), is this related to THAT Blücher game? Is it the same game? The Honour game was scrapped, apparently, because they couldn't get it to work. Hmmm.

Thanks very much, anyway - have an Awesome New Year (sorry about that - someone wished me an Awesome New Year, and I thought I'd try it myself, to see how it felt). Or any other kind of New Year you prefer, of course.

Best wishes - Tony

PS - not sure about these new CAPTCHA panels - in fact, I am a robot, which makes it a bit awkward.

Old Trousers said...

Hi Tony, and a happy new year to you too!

I was rather surprised by the way Blucher has turned out and I must admit it is different to what I expected, although I completely lost track of it in development. What occurs to me is that if the engine is simple, it will adapt really well to hexes.

By the way, I'm really enjoying your ECW campaign. Its almost like real life! As soon as I encountered the morale test problem I turned to board games (around 1973!).

Cheers and all the best