Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Fab Foam is err...Fab!

It really is...

I have had this stuff lying around for a good couple of years. My plan was to use it as the playing surface for grid type games like the Portable Wargame. Alas, I didn't get very far with this. However, its a great opportunity to put together an 8 by 6 grid for the Napoleonic hex grid game.

Fab Foam is thin (a couple of mil max) and quite soft and floppy (oo-er missus). The surface is porous and the packaging says it can be cut, glued and painted. It takes a pencil line very well and is non-slip. It is 80p for an A3 sheet from Hobbycraft. My old ones were a bit sun bleached so I got a couple of newer ones today which have a slightly different shade of green. I quite like that.

After an hour or so with a compass and ruler I made a template and then produced nine 3 by 2 125mm hex sheets. As you can see, the fit is not perfect but will do. T35 and Robogear "thing" posing on the kitchen table on the new grid. Hurrah!

Yes, I realise that it is 9 by 6 at the moment but I haven't decided yet whether to cut it down. I'm tempted to get another three sheets so that I can have an 8 by 8 grid, this would allow me to play PBI (first edition of course) on it but I would need a bigger table. 

I'm really pleased with this because it looks good and feels nice to play on. What is also good is that Hobbycraft do a blue sheet for rivers and an orangey brown for hills. Counters next!

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