Sunday, 22 June 2014

More Venture Fair

Tibbermore 1644

I have spent an hour or so working on the Tibbermore scenario for Venture Fair. In doing so I have changed my mind about the orientation of the battlefield and also now feel the need to reconsider the forces involved.

Why the change in thinking? Well I have re-encountered the Montrose Society's website today. I had looked at this site before but at that time I was not very impressed. The site now, however, is very much improved and full of interesting information. Their magazine is called Venture Faire which I think is very cool (obviously!).

The traditional view is that the Covenanters were drawn up along high ground (Lamberkine Ridge) facing North with the Royalists on lower ground facing south. This has never made much sense to me as the Royalists would have their backs to the Almond Valley leaving no line of retreat. The Montrose Society propose that the Covenanters left Perth marching east, meeting the Royalists marching west. They therefore met across the huge expanse of open countryside around Tibbermore with Lamberkine ridge to the left flank of the Covenanters. 

There is a great story that convinces me. The minister of Tibbermore Church gave water to Montrose on the day of the battle. After the battle he was defrocked for helping the enemy. He said in his defence that "there was not one of them who would not have kissed Montrose's backside on the day of the battle". If Montrose has come from Tibbermore why would he swing the Royalists across the face of the Government army? It is more logical that he would be facing them directly across the plain.

My view of the battle field now is:

The Royalists form up in front of the church facing the Covenanters who have Lamberkine Ridge to their left and the Hunting Tower to their right rear.

This is now a nice map (thanks to Days of Wonder) and it brings back happy memories of my Brother in Law's wedding reception at the Hunting Tower. 

Now just to have another look at the troops involved....

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