Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Hard times....

so lets get stuff for free!

I must point out that this does not involve criminal activity and I don't recommend holding up your local garage or Spa. On the other hand, I'm  facing an hour of root canal treatment tomorrow followed by the payment of a very large sum of money to the dentist. Its a fair price and I'm not complaining but if I spent this amount on books and wargames stuff I'd be shot by my wife. In order to cheer myself up and avoid spending money I have revisited two dear friends.

Quick and Easy Games

This outfit is run by Clayton J Callahan, former soldier, former sheriff and now SF RPG designer and author. The main line is Star Run an SF adventure system. Supporting products include hats and badges for the various protagonists.

What caught my eye was this:

Its great, get two boxes of toy soldiers and have a go. Although the Dark Dream stuff is not easy to get hold of, I have a big set of Robogear stuff which would work just as well. It looks good as well.

Clayton has something about him and I just enjoy his stuff. Also look out for Battlefields, a generic skirmish rule set for less than $6.

Panzer 8

Mr Pz8 is, I believe, Italian. This is not relevant in any respect except that his works have an elegance and simplicity which is reminiscent of fresh seafood eaten on a beach in Sicily. On his website you will find a collection of two page rules covering land, air, sea and space. Plus a selection of skirmish, fantasy and ancients rule sets.

Mr Pz8 has a Yahoo group which contains many contributions from others very much in the style of the master. What I want to mention today is a magazine by a contributor known as Sam_ACW. This is called "Roll Sixes 2" and is the summer edition. 

A very nice little free magazine with articles covering the design of naval games, ancient naval rules and an ACW scenario. Sixteen pages of enthusiasm and inspiration. If you had to put a price on this stuff you simply couldn't! 

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