Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Missing leaders?

Here they are!

Briefly reviewing my list of leaders, and still wishing I had kept those card 1/150 scale tanks, I realised that I had forgotten two. I hadn't planned on doing a top ten, I'd be happy with a top 8, but I really had overlooked a couple of key people, and here they are:

Philip Sabin: Now Phil could be on my list for several different reasons but he is here for something that perhaps is now overshadowed by his later achievements. Phil is on the list because of Phalanx. This was published as a game by the Society of Ancients in 1993 but it also made an appearance in WI. The game features 36 battles (Marathon to Philippi) each played on a 12 by 9 hex grid using armies consisting of ten units. Simply great. Figures, hexes and small armies. Perhaps this is what sent me in this direction. I plan to revisit this game the next time I'm bitten by Ancients. No DBA for me.

Charles Grant: I was bought Battle! by my parents on holiday in Scotland when I was a young teenager. Everyone has a book that is really inspiring and this is mine. Strange to think that we picked this up in a newsagents in Perth in the days when wargaming was perhaps more generally visible. I sold my original copy to a second hand bookshop (for pence) and later replaced it (for some £s) when I realised I couldn't do without it. Not just a set of rules but a guide to how to create a set of rules that can actually be played. 

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