Friday, 9 May 2014

Dude, I got boats!

And injuns

I openly admit to having the willpower of someone without willpower. While pondering combat calculations (again) I reviewed the Hold the Line rules. I then wondered why I had never got round to buying the FIW expansion. Then I panicked, was it still available? A quick whiz round the online stores seemed to indicate it was getting a little scarce. I found found one at a good price from Board Game Guru and it arrived today while I was at work.

This is just very very nice. Made in Germany with top quality die cutting, you get some gorgeous French, Indian and Roger's Rangers counters with trees, forts, Indian villages and boats! The counters are so thick that when you drop then on a desk they sound like they are made of wood.

There are five scenarios (Bloody Bridge, Montmorency Falls, Ste Foy, Louisbourg and the Battle on Snowshoes. The BGG page has three nice home made scenarios as well. I'm very much looking forward to this, as soon as I've enjoyed the feeling of pushing the counters out of the frame. Cool!

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