Monday, 21 April 2014

Venture Fair

A prototype Montrose game

Long long ago I started out to write a version of Stephen Simpson's 1745 rules for the campaigns of Montrose. They were called "Nil Medium Est" (No Middle Way). And here they are in all their hand written glory!

My main source was Auldearn by Stuart Reid (Campaign 123) and that remains the primary basis for the scenarios, see below.

I have been frustrated with these rules for a long time because, although only two pages long, they still feel too complex. I also had a big problem with the maps and how to actually draw them.

I have taken some decisions and had a bright idea. Ideally the game will be played on a hex grid and use toy soldiers. At present my Baccus ECW troops are unpainted and hidden in the garage. Therefore this prototype uses counters. They also use a map, in this case, the M44 scenario editor has been used. The M44 editor does not produce really printable maps but for a prototype it is just the thing. Once the troops are sorted I could even play on the Hold the Line map using the HTL tiles.

One map herewith for the battle of Aberdeen.

Graphics copyright Days of Wonder
And here are some counters I made.....

I'm quite pleased with these. Not good enough for a final print but good for a trial run. And last but not least, here is a test set up for Aberdeen.

Now I can get down to designing some new rules. These will be called "Venture Fair" after Montrose's code name. Hurrah!


MSFoy said...

You have my full attention - I am very interested in this!

Hiding soldiers in the garage is a bit extreme - especially Baccus chaps - you need a good light to find them, i would think. I think that if i hid 6mm figures in our garage the spiders would eat them.

The game looks fascinating, anyway - please keep us posted on how this goes.

Old Trousers said...

Many thanks for your interest. I have in fact just unearthed two bags of Baccus Highlanders in the study hiding under a box of Zvezda tanks, some at least have found their way home!

After some happy counter pushing yesterday I'm now doing some maths so hopefully some trial rules by the weekend. By the way, thanks for your Montrose posts, I find them very inspirational!