Sunday, 6 April 2014

Time flies

When you are having fun! 

I have just realised that this little blog has been going for a year. I must admit, I am very surprised. As you can tell from the subjects of the posts, my interests gently morph as time goes by so the fact that I am still here and enjoying this is really cool.

This post makes 45 over the twelve months so not quite one a week but not far off. I didn't set myself a target but this feels about right to me. My blogging activities and my hobby activities are completely interlinked so I can't do both simultaneously. Neither can one exist without the other. One a week is fine, but gaps do occur when real life barges in, especially periods of very heavy workloads like I'm experiencing at the year end.

It has been a real insight to see what I have been doing over the year. I have done some pretty constructive things, making model aircraft and tanks (I know, I am still working on the Shermans), doing some thinking about military power (amateurishly) and documenting my most ambitious project about Tannenburg. All in all, a pretty good year..

Areas of interest for next year? Just glancing round the tip that is my study I see...
  • M44 D-Day Landings
  • Hold the Line (Highland Charge and perhaps FIW)
  • The campaigns of Montrose (in a Stephen Simpson style with extra hexes)
  • Finishing Shermans (oh yes) and playing PBI2 before PBI3 comes out
  • Completing Tannenberg (even if it is not successful as a game)
  • Designing a small game on Neuve Chapelle
  • Finishing my own special M44 game on Normandy
  • Playing some Flames of War Firestorm Normandy (really)
  • Figuring out which WW1 miniatures I will invest in and what rules to buy?
  • New Neil Thomas book
And on that note, I can't wait!

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Thanks to those of you who have read my blog over the year. I'd be interested if you have any comments on what I have been doing. Nice also to have a follower... thanks all.


MSFoy said...

Interested in the Neil Thomas book - I'll check that out - thanks. Could you tell us a bit about the Montrose game? - that's interesting too.

And many happy returns!

Old Trousers said...

Thanks for your good wishes. Yes, the Montrose idea is based on the Three Battles of the Jacobite Rebellion system by Stephen Simpson. These were a very inspirational set of simple rules published in WI 134 (a PDF of the article is on the WI website). My plan is to be able to play all five battles in an evening with less than 20 units in total.