Tuesday, 24 December 2013

No Turkeys!

Don't panic, its a game magazine

A fanzine to be precise. I have spent sometime on the phone today trying to track down a parcel which was due to have arrived on Monday. I'm left with a sore ear and no parcel. However, the time spent sitting in front of my e-mails was not wasted. I came across this Italian fanzine called No Turkeys. It is a high quality board wargaming publication produced by a gaming club and some editions come with a game. The magazine and games are free. Not only that but, while the magazine is mainly in Italian the rules are in English. Hurrah.

You can find the magazines and games at the club's website: Valgame. from what I can see there are a number of games tha have been published. Not all magazines have a game and some games have been produced without a magazine. Here is what I have learnt so far:

  • No Turkeys 7: Walcheren 1809 game
  • No Turkeys 6: Agordat 1893 game
  • No Turkeys 3: Au Pont de Lodi 1796 game

The games look very professional but the club do say that they have not been extensively play tested so don't expect them to be polished professional products. Having said that, one of their games Caldiero 1796 (apparently not in a magazine) was jointly designed by Valgames' Enrico Acerbi and Kevin Zucker. That last name having a particular cachet for Napoleonic gamers. Here is the map from that game:

So, if your parcel hasn't arrived, your presents are naff or your turkey is tough, chill out, print out some free games and have a cool time. Cheers.