Monday, 9 December 2013

Its my Birthday and I'll.....

...have lots of presents please!

And this year I did. I have been taken by surprise by the generosity of my family and friends this year. I have not had much time to spend playing with them yet but I am looking forward to getting stuck into...

Napoleon's War: The 100 Days. On my list for sometime and so far I'm impressed.

A picture from BGG, I've hardly looked in the box yet!

A Distant Plain. Heavy is not the word for this box, packed with mounted map, cards, counters and wooden markers. Brilliant. A gift from one of my oldest chums and a survivor of the original Ardennes Offensive learning experience. Looking forward to playing this one face to face.

And some on a subject new to me:

With two on more familiar territory.

Don't worry, I also got socks and hankies.