Monday, 16 January 2017

2017 Thinking about........


Hmmmh, getting into 2017 is like sliding slowly into a cold bath.....Brexit, Trump, Putin. It ain't fun and it ain't getting any better!

Dangerous places: CTS shooting ISIS drones in Mosul
On that optimistic note I have finally got into gear and done some thinking about what rules I want to play around with this year. As I'm not inclined to play the rules as written I'm looking for stuff that I can tweak and play with.

Old favourites

Having re-read Bolt Action again over Christmas I have put it away again and returned to my old favourites: AK47 in the guise of a modern middle east version (AK74 perhaps!) and Neil Thomas' OHW, especially Peter's AWI version

New favourites?

As belated Christmas presents I got hold of a copy of Rogue Stars (because I liked the activation model) and have pre-ordered Pikeman's Lament (because it will be brilliant).

I have been havering about Chosen Men, I'm not sure I'll like it so I'm awaiting reviews. I haven't got enough on my Amazon card either!

I am also very excited about the latest Nordic Weasel production: From Shako to Coal-Scuttle. Ivan mentions Neil Thomas in his write up so that's good enough for me (I also mucked about with the beta version so I'm pretty keen on this one). Out in a couple of days for $10.

A favourite I didn't know I had! 

Yes, I got this last year and immediately shelved it. I now carry it with me wherever I go. It has the world's best wargame model for suppression fire. You can expect me to bang on about this for a whole year, it's great and I probably will play the rules as written (OK, lying but it will be close).

I also have a new project which will take up some time but which I am extremely excited to take part in. Whatever world leaders get up to, I'm hoping for a kind and memorable 2017 and I hope you have one too. Best wishes!


Jonathan Freitag said...

For $10, I am tempted to give FStCS a read too. How about a review of it?

Norm said...

Jay, I like the look of Black OPs. Warlord Games do a Zombie game called Project Z .... one of the expansion boxes has a special ops team, which I thought would be a fairly cheap and effective way in to the game...... for one side at least.

Norm said...

Was sure I had the Black Ops rule book - but a search turned up nothing .... neither did the second search! so went to Waterstones today and got my copy.

Old Trousers said...

Hi Jonathan, Yes, I'll post a review shortly. I really like the combat dice mechanics in this one!

Hi Norm, You'll not regret getting a copy of Black Ops I promise you!



Michael Peterson said...

Thanks for this. Like Jon F, I am curious to hear more about the Shako to Scuttle rules.
There were some interesting photos out of Davos, SW this week showing security forces with interesting weapons for shooting down drones. Not sure if they were just high-tech shotguns or some sort of energy weapon, but it looks like this is a direction we are going in. At the same time, I saw a piece on a US drone swarm test was so successful that, even when painted orange, they could only be detected with a high speed camera used for covering golf matches.

Old Trousers said...

Hi Michael,

Shako and Coalscuttle are really interesting from a mechanics point of view. I'll post something on these rules, but probably not until late February! Too much on!!!

The current ISIS drone thing is also really interesting. On the one hand they use camera drones to film VBIED attacks and publish them on the internet. On the other hand they use small drones to deliver explosives, a sort of guided bomb. The key thing is that their use is so frequent now that their appearance generates a significant amount of ground fire. I'm wondering how to get this into a game!