Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Desert Eagle Rampant...

you what?

I wasn't sure what I should call my current work in progress. As the original conversion of Lion Rampant to Napoleonics in WI was entitled Eagle Rampant, my modern version is entitled Desert Eagle Rampant (DER). I'm afraid that Operation Breaking Terrorism Rampant doesn't feel quite right but Desert Eagle flows from Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Hey ho!

Moody shot of ISF approaching Fallujah
The proposition here is that Lion Rampant, a medieval semi-skirmish game, can be converted into a modern era squad level combat game. That may be quite a stretch. However, I think the LR engine is excellent. I felt very happy with the modifications that produced Dragoon Rampant. If I had any spare time I would be playing that tonight!  

The initial DER work is going really well so I thought I would post the rules as they are developing and invite some comments. Here they are. Unless I have to step in as leader of the Labour Party, I'll post the interesting bits (unit details) at the weekend.


Norm said...

Jay - a good start. My initial question before starting reading was wondering how individual items such as HMG or inherent LMG could be handles, but your categories look good ...... Even a sniper, which surprised me. I bought lion rampant a few weeks ago and love the artwork, it instantly gave me a nostalgia trip of the sort of imagery used in my childhood Ladybird books like Richard III. :-)

Duc de Gobin said...

Really liked what I saw in Dragon Rampant, and my hankerin' for a decent modern ruleset made me sit up and take notice when I saw this.

Good points re. unit behaviour and the contrast between high and low quality units - and there's no reason why the rules can't work.

With the activation rules in a setting such as Blackhawk Down, we could easily see small units being able to fend off gathering masses...who may not activate so easily.

Really good potential here - can't wait to give them a try.

I always hate the 'toughness' term (I think it reminds me of Warhammer LOL) and as it represents ability to hug cover in this instance, have always tried to find a better descriptor - but nothing is jumping to mind...'staying power' just don't cut it.

Maybe 'Courage Under Fire (CUF)' for courage. Love the man down option for CASEVAC. I can these working beautifullt for Vietnam - and effectively undermining what the commander would like to do.

Great work - thanks for sharing.