Tuesday, 29 December 2015

2015: What happened there then?

Having fun slowly!

I have taken a look at my plan for the year and decided that I have simply been a bit slow in getting my projects finished rather than being a real under achiever. The point was, after all, to enjoy myself rather than knock myself out. So what did actually happen?

The stuff I actually completed......

KISS My Arras! This saw the light of day back in January 2015.
The small version of Arras!
This is both a set of wargame rules for use on a hex grid and a hex map game. I have just sorted out the counters and these are now on the Arras page. I have not had much feedback on this but I think it is one of my better ideas. I had originally decided to try to do this in 6mm but my recent purchase of some Zvezda British tanks will push me towards 15mm.  

In a Cocked Hex: I finished this in February.

These were a hex grid adaptation of Neil Thomas' One-Hour Wargames rules. I'm also quite happy with these and will have to get the rest of my WSS armies painted up next year.

Quatre Bras a la Carte: I finally nailed this down in April after several goes.

As you can see, a hex grid map game based on my earlier Waterloo a la Carte game. This was my Waterloo 200 celebration and I have quite enjoyed playing around with it. 

Hats, Horses and Hexes: This OHW hex grid adaptation in November was driven by ideas from Kaptain Kobold and some nice fantasy maps (Borsetshire and Midsomer) for the ECW.

Again, this was another little project that I got a lot of pleasure from.

Stuff that didn't get finished.......and there is quite a lot of it!
  • Tannenberg: I did quite a bit more work on this but couldn't crack the combat model. I now have a few ideas from a game published by Norm (Anzio) so will have another go next year.
  • Firestorm Neuve Chappelle: I also did a lot more work on this and have completed the map and OB. Again, its the combat model that is problematic and I'm still thinking about it.
  • Rembarre: A tentative game(s) on the Vendee war. I love this period and will be pursuing it next year. This will be a hex grid game (plus map and counters version) which will allow several battles from the war to be played out in the form of a campaign.
  • Napoleonic OHW hex grid rules: Still in an early draft form. I have learnt a lot from Kaptain Kobold about the OHW rules and how they can be tweaked for different periods. I'm desperate to get this done so I can get on with some toy soldier painting.
  • Somewhere in Africa: Yes, I am trying to tweak the Five Core rules into a hex grid (I'm beginning to think I may have a real problem here with hex grids!). This will be set in modern times in the fictional country of Gonzonia and use 20mm toys.
  • Venture Fair: This one is just stuck in the works for the moment but is certainly not forgotten.
So there we go, I did things I wasn't planning and then my planned jobs just did not get done. I have had a lot of fun though!

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