Sunday, 27 September 2015


and not by numbers!

I have decided to do something practical and get some painting done. This might give me a bit of a break from the rules shenanigans and also a bit of a break from thinking!

First up, a nice water colour painting. Not by me but my eldest daughter. Something to celebrate and inspire me to get my finger out.

Next up, can you tell what it is yet? I'm not sure we are allowed to say that anymore but....

Well, here are some 1990s US troops, some M113s (Airfix) and some HMVWWs (from Toys R Us). Possibly something dodgy will be occurring somewhere in Africa. My interest has been generated by some real world stuff, check out this Huffington Post article on US involvement in Africa. Lots of hyperbole but then also check out this great US Army Africa website. Anyone might think its pure fantasy, well what do I know.

Rules? Well I'm not doing them from scratch. AK47 (original) always springs to mind for this sort of stuff but then I also really fancy FiveCore Company Command. Lets see what happens! 


Norm said...

Hi Jay, I like the composition of your daughters painting - quite restful.

If you have a Works near you, it may be worth popping in and seeing if they have any of their die cast vehicles left. they are just £2 each and cover Soviet vehicles of WWII and after.

I picked up a couple of T-34 / 85's today. I am having my own little dabble with 1/72. Not sure whether it is a nostalgic thing, but I am just enjoying it for its own sake.


Old Trousers said...

Hi Norm, Nice to hear from you. I think my daughter has captured something in this picture, a pity I find it so hard to do the same with the three dimensional sort!

I'm kicking myself about The Works business because I have managed to miss the lot. I was desperately in need of some T55s and BTRs. Never mind, I'm sure some will turn up again. I'm just getting back on my feet after another dose of the lurgey so hopefully I can get my Somewhere in Africa stuff on the go again.



Kaptain Kobold said...

Daughters are good at showing us up - mine is an aspiring digital artist and does some pretty funky stuff that I wouldn't even begin to know how to do.