Monday, 31 August 2015

More free stuff....

Not only free but really good!

Another wet day, I've had my usual weekend morning stroll and have had to dry off and warm up!

Having a day in doors is not a bad thing when you have some new stuff to play with. Here are a couple of free games to interest you.

Tigers at Minsk: A game by Norm Smith. This is a kit that allows you to play a scenario (KG Sivers) from his hex based miniatures game using a map and counters. This originated as a square based map game called Into Battle (2013). Here is a picture of me playing the original KG Sivers scenario following quite a severe injury to the thumb during the preparation of the counters. 

The new map is hex based...

You can find the rules, map, counters and an AAR at Norm's blog. It is well worthwhile exploring this little game.

Phalanx: Phil Sabin has recently used a simplified version of his hex based game Phalanx at this years International Ancient Warfare Conference in Wales. Here is a review of the event from the editor of Ancient Warfare Magazine.

The original game was published by the SoA but a version was also published in Wargames Illustrated. I love this game as it allows you to play 36 ancient battles with some very small generic armies. In this version there are two hoplite armies which use very simple rules to allow you to fight some basic battles. Once you have mastered this you can move on to the full version of Phalanx (then Legion, then Strategos II and then Lost Battles!). You can pick up the kit from the Lost Battles Yahoo Group.


Norm said...

Hi Jay - thanks for highlighting the blog page. Your photo of the thumb makes me both smile and cringe.

Wanted to get this link to you and thought this may be the best place to do that. There are some free game files re Neuve Chappelle. A wargamers (Chris Harding at CSW) son put the files together for a school project and I thought there may be something there that may interest you.


Old Trousers said...

Hi Norm, No problem. Your post reminded me of the pain! Thanks for the tip, I'll take a look at this. I am currently all over the place with what I'm doing so probably need to do some deep thinking and get some inspiration. Cheers