Saturday, 4 July 2015

Its here!

The Great War

It has been six months almost to the day since the Kickstarter kicked-off and now it has arrived, and with some extra bits.  

The box of course, slightly dinged from the inclusion of the extra sprues outside the box which got pressed into the cardboard during posting. Nice all the same.

Big and nice 13 by 11 hex map board. Green one side (for early war) and brown the other (for the muddy bits). The hex grid runs up to the edge at the sides therefore allowing it to be easily butted up to other maps for epic (Overlord for M44 types) games.

Eight metal generals, one of the extra bits. I'm hard pushed to put them all into their correct nationalities, I think we need a guide!

Mine came with five 18pdrs and five 77mms and their crews. The 18pdr looks good. Plastic is hard (a little brittle perhaps). The gun snaps together nicely but feels very light, as do the gunners. Since these models are for the representation of off board fire (reserve artillery), then they can be appropriately based without any game problems.

German sprue from the starter box. These look good. Nicely molded and not too fragile. Still worried that they might be too brittle. Time will tell. I must admit I fancy painting these guys up and mounting them on pennies (or similar) to give them some weight.

Here is a nice video review of the whole product if you want to see some more.

So far very happy. I've not found the voucher yet, I'll have to drop them a line. All this and the rugby world cup on the way too. Hurrah!


Norm said...

Jay, I have had their 15mm plastics and have some of their 1/72 plastics now and they are robust enough. I like the idea of the double sided board, it is going the extra mile like that that sets products apart from 'the also rans'.

Look forward to you views after playing - especially with regard to the deeper than normal board for a C&C game. Norm

Old Trousers said...

Hi Norm, Nice to hear from you. I agree, I think the plastics will be fine once they are off the sprues. I'm fairly confident I can do this but I see from various posts elsewhere that the less mechanically minded are having difficulty! I haven't had time to get a game in yet but I see from Marco's review that the game play is different and that the extra depth produces some meaningful tactical decisions. Good luck with the sci-fi stuff, you have started me off again looking at Alien Squad Leader, when will the madness stop!