Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Year end mega stress blow out!

Oh yes, its that bad!!!

We will be working pretty much up to midnight on 31 March to get the ball over the line for this year. That sounds quite exciting but is actually also very tense. Very little time for any game related activities and I'm almost permanently asleep on the train these days. However, a little light in the darkness........

Yes, a draft map for Quatre Bras a la Carte! QB is one of my favourite battles because of the potential for volatility in reinforcements. It is also one of the few battles in which a British regiment lost its colours. Plenty of colourful characters and troops from across Europe. Go Brunswickers! 

The map is not yet right but it is getting very close. I can simply cannibalise the counters from Waterloo a la Carte. The rules are also pretty much there. I notice on re-reading Waterloo a la Carte that there are some areas of uncertainty that can be cleared up easily. If I'm not working this weekend I reckon I can probably get a quick play test in. Roll on Easter!


Norm said...

Hi Jay, the QB and Cocked Hex project is looking very interesting. I like the look of the software that is doing the hex map.

I think the 5" hex does give a little more latitude over 4" and I remember many (many) years ago in the Practical Warmer magazine, there was an article by someone who I think may have been called Clive Lane, who was advocating the 5" hex and 15mm napoleonics. It was quite a captivating article in the days when figure / hex combinations were not really 'out there'.

Enjoy a peaceful weekend (madly painting and playing) and hope the 'ladder' incident is behind you now. Cheers Norm.

Old Trousers said...

Hi Norm, Lovely to hear from you. Yes, I have recovered and the ladder is staying firmly in the garage for the foreseeable future!
Funnily enough, the maps are generated using a hex picture imported into MS Paint, so pretty easy really. I'm interested that you mention Clive Lane. I bought a copy of his hex based rules following the article in PW. I found his rules a little complex but I was always very taken by the look of the games. Lots of gloss varnished Airfix Napoleonics on a very stylised hex grid. He actually sent me a colour photo of one of his games which I still have and a free copy of a "reduced scale" version of his scenarios as well. Recreating Clive's game is probably what I have most in mind when I'm playing around with miniatures and hexes.
All the best, Jay