Sunday, 19 October 2014

Its been a busy day....

and I'm glad I've spent it doing stuff

I'm sure that could be a song if I just got the words right! I'm doing some tank washing with recently acquired Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade (really!). My Plan B tanks should be finished and worth a photo in a couple of days. I have episode 2 of The Great War playing on You Tube. I'm really impressed with it in terms of its presentation, complexity and historicity.

However, apart from working and chores I have had the great please of assisting my youngest two with their history homework.

Its a Maus, or as close as you can get with the cardboard from the garage and some left over paint.

And some WW1 flour but plenty of treacle.

Worth a couple of house points I think! No wonder I never finish anything...

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