Sunday, 6 July 2014

Something for the week end sir?

I don't mind if I do!

I hadn't been expecting to spend any money on the way home from work on Friday but I just happened to go into my local Ian Allan shop and found some new Zvezda kits. I left furtively holding two small packages and without a haircut!

My little boxes contained one BKA 1125 armoured gunboat and one T35.

Today's activity has been to construct and paint the gunboat. It comes in two flavours, the 1941 version with a T28 turret in the forward gun position and two MG turrets or the 1943 version with a T34 turret, an MG turret on the conning tower and an 82mm rocket launcher frame. I've gone for the 1943 version.

The kit goes together really nicely, it only has a few parts and doesn't really need glue.

I've kept the painting simple as well, although there is an option to have a three colour camouflage scheme. I really like the base, it gives a great impression of a heavy boat going through a swell on a river.

Some close-ups, possibly too revealing of the paint job!

T35 next!

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