Friday, 12 July 2013

And finally, something about wargaming

Converting Neil Thomas

One of my projects has been in gestation since 1998. I bought some Irregular 6mm ACW troops with the intention of playing a DBA type game on a small board (120 by 60 cms). I finished the troops a few years ago but am still working on the board. I have finally decided to make it into a M44 type board with hexes (that's another story) and I'm about half way through.

Some troops on an early version of the board:

Troops of the Union variety...

General and friend....Yeehah!

Making the board look like M44....

Well on the way.......

Avoid husband abuse by using little rubber things... on the board of course!

Now you know I have some toys, next time I'll explain what Neil is being converted into and why I can't play anything out of the box, ever.

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